Have you ever heard of unbossing? Are you an unboss? If you are leading the next generation of workers you need to know about this. Vas Narasimhan, the CEO of Novartis, shared a great post on this whole unbossing movement and I want to share with you a couple of insights that jumped out to me from his post earlier this week.

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The idea of unbossing is fantastic. We don’t need more bosses. We need more leaders. The next generation of workers are really craving authentic leadership where leaders show up and have vision and motivate and inspire those around them. And it’s not just the next generation of workers, it’s everyone. Unbossing is rooted in servant leadership.

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One of the things he said really struck home with me and that’s the idea that your position on the org chart doesn’t determine your power. I find far too many leaders aspiring to use or using position on an org chart as a way to be a leader. Your position does not determine whether or not you’re a leader. What determines if you are a leader is your ability to influence and inspire change in other people around you and ultimately it’s about creating future leaders.

One of the components of the unbossed movement is the value of 360 feedback and if you’re in a position in your organization to identify and develop top talent 360 feedback can be a wonderful tool to help you find and promote your very best leaders. I find too often in companies it’s really easy to promote leaders who do a good job of managing up. In this scenario, you get leaders who know how to manage their boss but may not play well with others and/or manage their team in a way that diminishes the potential of other people that report to them. It is time that we stop promoting this type of leader.

The leaders you choose to run your organization will ultimately determine your ability to execute your strategy and deliver on your brand promise and over time it impacts your culture. Trust me you don’t want to have to fix that. If you want some additional insight around this call me personally. Here’s my information below. I’m happy to share with you what we’ve learned from walking alongside companies about what works and what doesn’t. Thank you for watching this. Please take a moment to subscribe, share, like, or comment below and stay tuned for more great ideas on how to lead in times like these.